what i’m working on at the moment - maggot kaleidoscopes

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tokyo-based artist daito manabe is well-known for pushing the boundaries of digital art – his latest iteration focusing on sound in a music video for new york artist FaltyDL‘ s single ‘straight and arrow’.  the entire track is performed with the rhythmic drumming of fingertips and tapping of knees, literally using the human body as an instrument. manabe created the spectacle with 40 original electric stimulation devices he tailored himself in orderto control the many fingers and arms, where the artist describes the project as a ‘visualization using human body’.
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"Still: a photographic series" 2014
cropped and edited screenshots from a porn film

A lot of my work tends to be erotic and during a mock interview I was asked by my tutor: “what stops this from being porn?” to which I responded “I don’t really care, it’s all about what the viewer takes from it… if they want to sit in a gallery and wank over my work I think that’s cool”. This series follows the same principle. 

The inspiration for the series came from Baldessari’s process of cropping movie stills and bringing them to life through an alternate perspective. I selectively chose a porn movie with a relatively artistic composition in the hope that the final outcomes would easily be mistaken as my own photographic work: following a group crit I was reassured by my peers saying “I thought it was your photos and was like ‘omg’”. 

The idea was to illustrate the power of perception and placement. I wanted to re-claim the hidden artistic beauty within the porn industry and provide a different sense of pleasure: hopefully one that lasts longer than 30 seconds. 

N.B. A link to my past work and the evident shift in attitude can be seen through this series: I once suggested that Egon Schiele’s erotic work may have stemmed from his mental instability and longing to feel the “void” which is present in ones mind when having an orgasm. Whilst I still find the concept very interesting, I no longer analyse every little detail in life and choose to take any snippet of pleasure as it comes.

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making maggot kaleidoscopes for my project on anxiety.
will post the video soon. 

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 Maury Gortemiller 
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Paul McGeiver
2nd at dusk, 2013

this park is across the street from my house omg this is the view from my window
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Pretty lil opal ring I picked up today too 🌸
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Faig Ahmed